AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

What is AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional

    AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional is unique web log analysis software. New unprecedented reports for website search engine optimization (SEO), website promotion, and pay-per-click programs will help you save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. You can increase the traffic to your website with a minimal effort. To generate more traffic you need to find out and eliminate weak areas of your website and website marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing

    Marketing on search engines is one of the most important tasks in promoting your website. AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional reports will help you generate more website traffic from search engines and increase the quality of the traffic.

    The "Page Not Visited from Search Engine" report will demonstrate which pages of the website do not attract traffic from search engines. Further optimization of the pages from this report or increasing their ability to be indexed by search engines will attract more traffic to your website.

    The "Entry Resources from Search Engines" report and related sub-reports will show the effectiveness of search engine optimization. You will see which search phrases and pages reached the necessary results and where additional optimization is required

    The "Paths by Search Phrases", "View Depth by Search Phrases", and "Time of Viewing Site by Search Phrases" reports will reveal to you what search phrases bring targeted traffic. Search engine optimization should be done specifically for such phrases first. These reports will also help you choose words for context advertisement on search engines like Google Adwords, Overture, and others.

    AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional extracts the most exact and complete information from the URLs of search requests.Most website statistics and log analysis software extracts a phrase for only the simplest requests. For example, for the following request the popular website log analyzers extract the search phrase "web log analyzer".The AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will display the following result in its report "web log analyzer ++'search engine optimization' +-'iis apache' --'server based'".

    Many search engines have an advanced search or a special algorithm for coding the search phrase. The AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional has its own unique analysis code of the URL for each search engine, taking into consideration the specialties of each search engine. This will help you gather valid information, more clearly understand the interests of your website clients and visitors, and receive additional data for website search engine optimization.

    AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional database contains more than 430 search engines and more than 120 catalogs from 120 countries. You will gather information about hits from a search engine of any country where your business is applicable and where your potential clients can be found. If such a search engine does not exist yet in our database, we will certainly add it.

    Besides the search phrase, you can find out in what country the search engine is located, what language is used for the search, and the number of the search results page. This information will be useful for website search engine optimization and for planning and developing your website and your business.

Website promotion and marketing

    Whatever methods of website promotion and marketing you use, you will need to know how many visitors or clients are attracted by each of the methods and what is the quality of the traffic generated from each marketing source. The reports and sub-reports of AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will provide you with the most complete information, so that you can concentrate your efforts on the most effective methods of website promotion and increase the effectiveness of other methods.

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