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AlterWind Log Analyzer - web site traffic statistics software


    How is the AlterWind Log Analyzer different from other web site traffic statistics software?

    1. With the help of the AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional you can generate new unique web stats reports for web site search engine optimization (SEO), web site promotion, and pay-per-click programs. You can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and get more web site traffic. Promotion and development of your web site will be several times more effective. Never before did web site traffic statistics software yield such opportunities for increasing web site traffic and improving its quality.

    2. AlterWind Log Analyzer's database contains more than 430 search engines and more than 120 catalogs from 120 countries. You will gather stats about hits from a search engine of any country where your business is applicable and where your potential clients can be found. If such a search engine does not exist yet in our database, we will certainly add it.

    3. Accurate data about the hits from the search engines. Most web site traffic statistics and web server log analysis software extracts a phrase for only the simplest requests. For example, for the following request the popular web site log file analyzers extract the search phrase "web log analyzer". The AlterWind Log Analyzer will display the following result in its report "web log analyzer ++'search engine optimization' +-'iis apache' --'server based'".
    Many search engines have an advanced search or a special algorithm for coding the search phrase. The AlterWind search engine analyzer has its own unique analysis code of the URL for each search engine, taking into consideration the specialties of each search engine. This will help you gather valid web statistics, more clearly understand the interests of your web site clients and visitors, and receive additional data for web site search engine optimization.

    4. Additional web site stats information in the search engines reports and the search phrases reports. Besides the search phrase, you can find out in what country the search engine is located, what language is used for the search, and the number of the search results page. This web statistics will be useful for web site search engine optimization and for planning and developing your web site and your business.

    5. The AlterWind Log Analyzer offers a unique method of fake referrers filtration. Fake referrers is the kind of spam that brings significant distortion to web site statistics and complicates their web stats analysis. Our company developed an algorithm allowing filtration of the fake referring sites without slowing down the analysis.

    6. Full customization of reports. You can change the design of reports, set the volume of the entered data based on the number of lines or the minimum value, add and delete data columns, and choose the columns to sort by. Only AlterWind Log Analyzer will allow you to customize reports according to your needs and goals.

    7. Our web analyzer enables you to analyze web server log files of nearly any format. On most hosting web sites there are advanced or simplified formats of the log files. The typical analyzers can not analyze such web server log files. With the AlterWind Log Analyzer you won't have this problem.

    8. You can simultaneously analyze log files generated from mirror or linked web sites.

    We offer you web site statistics usage for effective development and promotion. No other web site statistics and log analysis software can provide you with such possibilities. If you find a worthy alternative to the AlterWind Log Analyzer, we will give you a 30% discount.

AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional is Powerfull web log analysis software. Only $125
52 reports
20 filters
430+ search engines
120+ catalogs
Unique reports for search engine optimization (SEO)
Unique reports for web site promotion
Fake referrers filtration
Command line mode
Custom log format
Automatically detects standard log formats
Automatically log adding into Log List
Unlimited number of Report Templates
Sorting the reports on any field

AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional Details Download AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional Purchase AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional

AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard is web site statistics software. Only $89
33 reports
20 filters
430+ search engines
Fake referrers filtration
Command line mode
Custom log format
Automatically detects standard log formats
Automatically log adding into Log List
Sorting the reports on any field

AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard Details Download AlterWind Standard Log Analyzer Purchase AlterWind Standard Log Analyzer

AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite is free web site traffic analysis software. Free!!!
23 reports
430+ search engines
Custom log format
Automatically detects standard log formats
Free web site statistics

AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite Details Download AlterWind Lite Log Analyzer
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