AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

Solutions for search engine optimization and marketing

    Search engines are the best source of targeted traffic. That's why website search engine optimization is a very important component of website promotion and marketing. You will easily find hundreds of websites and thousands of articles about methods of website search engine optimization. But they offer little attention to choosing the search phrases that will bring targeted visitors, i.e. your clients, and to analyzing the results of the website search engine optimization. AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional provides an effective solution for these two important tasks of marketing on search engines, and lets you know which pages of your site are not working to attract search engine traffic or do it very inefficiently. Thanks to new unprecedented reports you will be able to increase traffic for your website through search engines with a minimal effort.

    The "Paths by Search Phrases", "View Depth by Search Phrases" and "Time of Viewing Site by Search Phrases" reports will demonstrate which search phrases bring you targeted traffic and which phrases do not target your business goals. These reports will also help you select phrases for website search engine optimization. We recommend using context advertisement on search engines (Google Adwords, Overture, etc). In just a few clicks you can find out whether a search phrase brings you the targeted visitors and whether it's necessary to optimize the site for this phrase.

    The "Entry Sources from Search Engines" report and related sub-reports will show the results of website search engine optimization. You will learn which pages and for which phrases you need additional optimization.

    The "Pages Not Visited from Search Engines" report will show which pages are not working to attract targeted traffic. Perhaps, these pages are not being indexed by search engines, or they need additional search engine optimization. Your goal is to make every significant page of your site attract search engine traffic.

    Besides all of this, AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will display the results page from which the visitor came, which language was used in the search, and in which country the search engine was located. In the reports by search URLs you will be able to open the exact page of the search results from where your visitor came. You will see what your site looks like from the search results and which sites are in competition with you for the attention of the user. You can analyze your competitors' sites, and thus increase the position of your site in the search results and generate greater website traffic.

    Search engines marketing is not a simple task. Try and you will be convinced that website search engine optimization with AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional makes it simpler and more effective.

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