AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

Solutions for pay-per-click programs

    If you promote your website through context advertisement on search engines (Google Adwords, Overture, etc.) or through pay-per-click programs, AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will become your irreplaceable tool. New unprecedented reports of the AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will help you save thousands of dollars and increase the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns.

    The "Paths by Search Phrases", "View Depth by Search Phrases", and "Time of Viewing Site by Search Phrases" reports will demonstrate which search phrases generate targeted visitors and which ones waste your advertisement budget.

    The "Paths by Referring Sites/URLs", "View Depth by Referring Sites/URLs", and "Time of Viewing Site by Referring Sites/URLs" reports will show you how well targeted the traffic is from each of the referring sites. Use this information for selecting the most effective partners and pay-per-click programs.

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