AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

Solutions for website promotion and marketing

    A great number of website promotion methods are known today, but without analyzing the effectiveness of each method and each traffic source your website marketing will bring little results. AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional generates new unprecedented reports that help you determine which methods of website promotion and which traffic sources bring targeted visitors, and which ones do not generate desired results. You will be able to increase the effectiveness of your website marketing, boost the results from your promotions, and benefit from advertisement and the pay-per-click programs.

    The website search engine optimization reports will need special attention. You will be able to match search phrases for website optimization, determine how effectively each of the website pages attracts search engine traffic, and which pages do not work in generating search engine traffic. Only AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will give you all of these unique opportunities for marketing on search engines.

    The "Paths by Referring Sites" and "Paths by Referring URLs" reports will demonstrate the quality of the traffic coming from each of the referring sites. This will be especially useful in conducting advertisement campaigns and participating in pay-per-click programs.

    The "Mail Services" report will show you hits from links of mail read through the online interface of free mailing services. This report will help you evaluate the effectiveness of ad mailings via e-mail or discover the announcement of your site in someone's mailing and take action in time to retain a new visitor.

    Take your website marketing to a new level with AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. No other website log files analysis software will provide you with such opportunities for website promotion and analysis of advertisement campaigns.

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