AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

Solutions for marketers

    Any actions to increase sales need to be evaluated for their effectiveness. AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will help you understand the needs and the interests of your potential clients, evaluate methods to appeal to them and retain them, and find out the reasons why they may not be interested in your product. Increase your sales with AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional!

Search engine marketing and optimization

    Search engines are one of the most effective and least expensive sources of attracting the targeted visitors.

    Advanced reports based on search engines and search phrases will advise you which key phrases bring you the most visitors. The reports show the page of the search request, the language of the search, the country where the search engine was used, whether the search engine is country-specific or multi-lingual (Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc).

    From the "Entry Sources from Search Engines" report you can find out which pages of your website attract visitors most effectively from the search engines, while the "Pages Not Visited from Search Engines" report will show you which pages do not generate traffic from search engines. These reports will allow you to increase website traffic with a minimal effort.

    The "Paths by Search Phrases", "View Depth by Search Phrases" and "Time of Viewing Site by Search Phrases" reports will show you which search phrases bring you the most targeted traffic, i.e. your clients. Do not waste your time for website optimization with ineffective words. Increase the benefits of context advertisement on search engines with the AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional.

Partner programs and advertising companies analysis

    If you use partner programs or advertising companies to attract clients, the AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will become your irreplaceable tool for analyzing their effectiveness. It will take just a few seconds to create a filter for a referrer or for a home page with a unique parameter and you will find out how serious are the visitors attracted by the partners and what portion of them became your clients.

Why do some people become clients and others leave the site?

    The visitors who become your clients are special visitors. AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional will help you find out which sites your clients come from, which key phrases they use to come to you, which pages interest them and in which order. Another analysis is even more important, that of the visitors who left your site. If they didn't find information they were seeking, this means you need to optimize the content and/or navigation of your site.

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