Top Web Pages Not Visited from Search Engines by Incomplete Requests

Time Period:
01.09.2003 0:00:06 - 10.09.2003 23:59:28
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Description: This report contains information about the pages that had no hits from search engines at all. These pages need extra attention because they attract no traffic from search engines. Perhaps these pages are not well optimized or are not being indexed by search robots. The fewer pages that are in this report, the better your web site is at attracting visitors from search engines.

Rank Page Hits Reloads Cached Incomplete
Visitors Data transfer(MB)
  Remains 1474 79.85% 337 78.37% 80 78.43% 0 00.00%   12.173 81.89%
  Total 1846 430 102 8 1679 14

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