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AlterWind Log Analyzer Features


  • Works on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • More than 430 search engines.
  • More than 120 catalogs.
  • Unique reports for search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Unique reports for web site promotion.
  • Advance reports for search engines, search phrases, referring sites and referring URLs.
  • Fake referrers filtration.
  • Supports Apache Common, Apache Combined, and IIS log file formats.
  • Automatic detection of standard log file formats.
  • Customized setting for non-standard log file formats.
  • Automatic adding of log files to a Log List.
  • Supports command-line mode.
  • Ability to read files from ZIP and GZip archives.
  • Advance selection of filters.
  • Sorting by any report column.
  • Ability to change the design of reports.
  • Ability to customize the volume of data entered in a report.
  • Simultaneous analysis of a large number of log files. The log files can be in different formats and could come from different servers. This is very convenient for the analysis of the traffic to mirror and linked web sites.
  • Full customization of reports. You can change the design of reports, customize the data being entered, and adjust the volume of the report's data.


  • General Statistics
    • Summary
  • Activity Statistics
    • Daily
    • Average by Hour of Day
    • Average by Day of Week
    • Average by Month
  • Access Statistics
    • Pages
    • Pages Not Visited from Search Engines   Unique!
    • Entry Pages
    • Exit Pages
    • Single Viewing
    • Time of Viewing Pages
    • Images
    • Files
    • Other Resources
    • Directories
    • File Types
    • Entry Sources from Search Engines   Unique!
    • Paths
    • Paths by Search Phrases   Unique!
    • Paths by Referring Sites   Unique!
    • Paths by Referring URLs   Unique!
    • View Depth
    • View Depth by Search Phrases   Unique!
    • View Depth by Referring Sites   Unique!
    • View Depth by Referring URLs   Unique!
    • Time of Viewing Site
    • Time of Viewing Site by Search Phrases   Unique!
    • Time of Viewing Site by Referring Sites   Unique!
    • Time of Viewing Site by Referring URLs   Unique!
  • Visitors
    • Hosts
    • Countries
  • Referrers
    • Summary by Referrers
    • Referring Sites
    • Referring URLs
    • Tops and Catalogs   Unique!
    • Mail Services   Unique!
    • Search Engines
    • Search Phrases
    • Phrases By Engines
    • Engines By Phrases
    • Search Engines by Entry Resources   Unique!
    • Search Phrases by Entry Resources   Unique!
    • Search URLs by Search Engines
    • Search URLs by Search Phrases
    • URLs for Entry Resources by Search Engines   Unique!
    • URLs for Entry Resources by Search Phrases   Unique!
  • Browsers and Platforms
    • Browsers
    • Operating Systems
    • Spiders
    • Other User Agents
  • Errors
    • 404 Errors
    • Other Errors

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