AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

Registration benefits

    AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional is shareware. It is NOT intended to be free or public domain use, which means that you can evaluate the program for a specified amount of time and register it if you think that it will meet your needs or otherwise, you must stop using it. In the case with AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional, the trial period is set for 30 days (these days do not have to be continuous calendar dates from the date of installation).

    The trial version of AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional is NOT crippled in any way, nor is there any functionality disabled in the program. This allows you to properly try out the application, so that you know whether this is what you want.

    However in the unlicensed copy (trial version copy) you will have a trial notification screen upon startup.

    After registration your benefits are:

  • Ability to use the program beyond 30-day trial period.
  • No nag-screens.
  • Free prompt and courteous tech support via e-mail.
  • Free upgrades to future versions.
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