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Time of Viewing Pages Report

    Looking at the minimum, maximum, and average time it takes a visitor to view a page, you can evaluate how interested the visitor is in the content of the page. The length of time is determined as an interval between the request to view the current and the next page. The viewing time of the last page cannot be determined. Therefore the number of viewings in the report is less than or equal to the number of hits.

    Following options can be set in Time of Viewing Pages Report Options dialog box:

  • General options set description position;
  • Column options select table columns and enable sorting;
  • Limits options set limits for values used in report.

    This dialog can be opened from Reports tab of Report Template Options dialog box, Step 8 of New Log List Wizard and on Step 6 of New Report Template Wizard.

    Report is available in AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional and AlterWind Log Analyzer Standard.

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