AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional. Log analysis software for search engine optimization and website promotion.

General tab (Report Template Options dialog box)

    This tab contains the following parameters:

    Report Template Name
    We recommend you to use sensible names that suggest to analysis dedication. For example, Visitors from Google, Googlebot, All spiders etc..

    Default Page
    The default page on the server.

    Visit Session Length
    The maximum time in minutes between the hits from one domain. If time interval between hits from one domain exceeds Visit Session Length it will be accounted as new visitor. The range is: 1-1440. As a default this parameter is set to 30.

    Hit Session Length
    The minimum time in seconds between two requests for resource for the new hit counting. If the period between two requests is less than this value than the Reload is counted. The range of the values is: 0-360. As a default this parameter is set to 30. If you want requests to considered as a hits, set this parameter to 0.

    The report language.

    Report Path
    The path to the directory where the report files will be saved.

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